Stavroula (Voula) Zoi



I received my BSc in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science of the University of Ioannina, Greece (June 1997).
I received my PhD diploma from the School of Electric and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (December 2003), with title: Quality of Service Mechanisms for Composite Networked Multimedia Applications.

I speak English and French.


Working and research experience

Since 1997 I have participated in several scientific research programs, Greek and European, in which I gained experience on both technical and creative aspects of multimedia applications development. Some of these are mentioned below.

In November 2004 I joined the Athens School of Fine Arts as laboratory and teaching assistant in the Multimedia-Hypermedia laboratory. The motivation for such a choice has been my personal interest on the concept of creative thought or in other words the intersection between the scientific and artistic thought.

In this context, I have been participating in a constant dialogue with artists both on educational and on research level. Digital technology provides many tools for establishing such a dialogue.

My collaboration with Manthos Santorineos and colleagues of the Multimedia-Hypermedia laboratory has opened a window to a new world for me, as I have become a member of an international network of artists-researchers with similar concerns.


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Educational experience

Since November 2004 I am a laboratory and teaching assistant of the Athens School of Fine Arts. I teach both at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the scope of the courses of the Multimedia-Hypermedia Laboratory (Course 1: Organization and transfer of an artistic idea in the digital environment, Course 2: Introduction to interactive virtual spaces) , and at the master program in Digital Arts (Course: Introduction to Web Applications) correspondingly.
Since 2008, i have been giving seminar courses with Manthos Santorineos on Audiovisual Content Production, in the scope of the Greek-French Master Course Informatique et Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication - ISIC, of the Department of Computer Science, of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens.  
In the academic year 2004-2005 I was laboratory assistant, in the course Computer Networks, in the Department of Automations f the Technological Educational Institute of Pireas.
During my PhD studies I have also given seminar lectures in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the National Technical University of Athens.


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