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About VALab

In the digital era, the artistic laboratory and thus the entire Art education system is as dynamic as the artwork itself. Digital interactive artworks, and even traditional artworks subject to digital processing, require innovative approaches in their creative process structure, this affecting seriously their aesthetics. These entirely new approaches also reflect on the educational methodology.

The artist is a member of an interdisciplinary group, in an interconnected laboratory. The space for artistic experimentation, communication and life-long learning of this artist is a virtual space allowing the investigation of innovative concepts and structures that the digital environment encapsulates in its core.

This virtual space has the potential to act also as a knowledge-space that provides the artist with tools for theoretical (artistic and scientific) research. These tools enable advanced searching, as well as organization and classification of information. This knowledge-space is important as it allows linking of the artistic thought with other human thought disciplines (e.g. philosophy, mathematics).

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